A F T E R   Y O U    A P P L Y

After an Online Application has been Submitted


1. A FAMILY MEETING is set up with the Ellison Head of School and other personnel involved in the admission process. During this meeting:

  • We will discuss:

    • Specific educational goals for your child, learn more about his/her interests, and answer any questions.

    • Specific interests, talents, resources, and benefits that parent/guardian and student can contribute to Ellison to assist in our continuance of Community, Character, and Academic Excellence.

  • Families will be:

    • Taken on a tour of the school

    • Shown curriculum materials

    • Introduced to key staff

    • Informed of school and program procedures such as:

      • School day class schedule

      • School year calendar

      • Lunch ordering process

      • Ellison traditions

      • Parent-Teacher Organization

      • Nursing services and procedures

      • Special education services

      • Learning remediation interventions

      • Learning acceleration strategies

      • New Family Mentoring Process – to name a few.

  • Specific Responsibilities of parents and students will be defined and discussed.

    • Parents/Guardians will be informed of Ellison’s expectations that they:

      • Make regular, on-time payments of tuition and fees per contract and tuition payment plan

      • Ensure their children are present in school every day with minimal exceptions for illness and special circumstances

      • Ensure their children arrive at school on-time, with ample time to put-away belongings and prepare properly for their first class period

        • Students arriving late to school not only jeopardize their own education and quality of school day, but they also jeopardize that of others.

        • Students walking late into a classroom lesson feel self-conscious and often “lost” as to where the instruction is at the point of their arrival.  Also, the teacher and other students suffer an interruption to their ongoing instruction are that is not fair to them.

      • Cooperate with school staff in their child’s character training and academic efforts

      • Cooperate with, and show respect to, The Ellison School, its governors, leaders, teachers, staff, and fellow parents through personal and written interactions as well as social media communication

      • Support school standards and teacher recommendations

      • Regularly attend EPTO meetings, Board of Trustee meetings, and parent-teacher conferences

      • Fulfill – and strive to exceed – volunteer and fundraising requirements and commitments

        • Spring Fundraiser

        • SCRIP Purchases

        • Xspero Incentive Program

        • Amazon Smile Incentive Program

        • EPTO Fundraisers

        • Lucky Calendar Sales

        • Volunteerism at Two Events (minimum)

    • Students will be informed of Ellison’s expectations that they consistently maintain and exhibit:

      • A positive attitude

      • A desire to learn

      • A moral character and integrity

      • Satisfactory academic effort

      • Consistent on-grade-level academic achievement

      • Consistent completion of homework

      • Positive and respectful social behavior and interaction with peers

      • Compliance with school rules and expectations

      • Satisfactory Behavior and Conduct

      • A willingness to cooperate with teachers and administration

      • Positive and respectful response to adult redirection and teaching

      • Consistent arrival to school and class on-time

      • Satisfactory attendance (no more than 10% absent during school year)

      • Respect for building and human safety and security


In accepting a student for admission to The Ellison School, the Head of School and admission committee will consider and evaluate, to the best of their ability, the parent/guardian and student commitment to the above expectations.

2. If your application is received during the school year, your student will be invited on campus to participate in one or two “SHADOW DAY(S)”.   

  • A Shadow Day is when the applicant student will spend class time here at Ellison in his or grade level.  This visit is the most effective way for your child to truly experience a “day in the life” at Ellison.

  • Shadow Days in:

    • Tiny Toddlers through Pre-K4 students:

      • A Shadow Day will be a half-day visitation taking place in the morning before lunch

      • Parents will transition their child to the classroom in cooperation with the classroom teacher and educational assistant. Your child will participate in circle, play, and snack times as well as specials classes and library (depending on the day of the week).  Visiting students will be picked-up by noon before lunch and rest times begin.

    • Grades Kindergarten through grade 8 Students:

      • A Shadow Day will be full-school day visitations

      • A current Ellison student will welcome your child to campus and invite him or her to accompany the student through their typical school day. Your child will sit in on classes, meet the student’s classmates and teachers, and accompany the student during study hall and other activity breaks, and lunch.

  • During the Shadow Day:

    • Our administration, teachers, and staff will interact with your child and evaluate his or her academic potential, developmental maturity, social skills, and readiness for Ellison.

    • Informal benchmark assessments will be administered to students to provide Ellison with preliminary data for readiness and placement

      • Students in Pre-K3 through Grade 1 will be administered informal literacy and math “readiness assessments”

      • Students in grades 2 through 8 will be administered the Renaissance Learning Star Math and Star Reading benchmark assessments

3. If you are planning on applying for TUITION ASSISTANCE, you may start this process at this time so that necessary information will be available if/when your child is accepted. 

  • We are committed to assisting families in all grades attending Ellison. Financial aid grants are awards given to school families based upon need. They are not a loan.   Ellison’s Financial Aid committee considers total income as a starting point, along with many other factors, such as family size, number of children in tuition-bearing schools, age of the primary working parent, assets, liabilities and unusual allowable expenses. Individual circumstances vary greatly, so consider the following as a general guideline only.

  • Applicants must apply to the Facts Grant & Aid Assessment service for an evaluation of the family’s finances.  A copy of the latest tax return is required.  Facts reviews the family finances and makes a recommendation to Ellison. 

  • Our Tuition Assistance webpage provides detailed instructions, as well as an instructional video to walk you through this process.  

  • Our tuition rates can be found on our Tuition webpage for your reference.

  • Financial Aid is awarded following the completion of the application process.

4. Applications are then acted upon by an Admission Committee. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED as soon as possible after all of the above has been completed as to the acceptance of your child to Ellison.

5. If you have been offered admission, you will need to COMPLETE THE ITEMS in the following bulleted list within two weeks of acceptance of admission offer:

6.  Please be aware that there is a six-week nonrestrictive probation for all new students beginning on the first day of their school attendance.

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