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Mrs. Abele has a daughter, Madison, in the 5th grade.  


The Abeles have been part of the Ellison family since 2015.


Mrs. Acevedo joined the Ellison Board of Trustees kin 2019.  She is married with five children, eight grand-children and one great grand-child.  She lives with her husband of 37 years in Upper Deerfield Township.  Mrs. Acevedo graduated from Rowan University College of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1999.  She is recognized by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs as a Qualified Purchasing Agent and has her State of New Jersey Substitute Teaching Credentials.  Mrs. Acevedo retired from public employment in 2004 and is currently working part-time as Senior Accountant with an Early Head Start Program in Woodbury, New Jersey.  She enjoys scrapbooking, the outdoors, and spending time with her family. 


Mrs. Acevedo’s grandson, Zane, came to Ellison in October of 2018 as a 5th grader.  She immediately became involved at Ellison and during her first event the children “stole her heart”.  Since that day she has been volunteering her time in any way that is needed.  Mrs. Acevedo’s desire is to use her education, good fortune, and life experiences to help grow the school for the benefit of the entire Ellison School family.  Mrs. Acevedo values the children, their energy, their curiosity and desire to learn. She greatly values the teachers who are tasked with cultivating that energy, curiosity and desire; the Administrators and support staff who provide the foundation and tools necessary for the teachers to be successful.; and the support that the entire Ellison School family provides to the school to ensure that the school is successful in educating the individual and the whole child.


Mrs. Durham joined the Ellison Board of Trustees in 2019.  She lives with her husband and four children in Millville, New Jersey.  Their children range in ages from 8 to 18.  It is her youngest two daughters who attend Ellison.  Alana has been here since 2017 and Lacie has been with us since 2018. 

Mrs. Durham loves spending time with her children and watching how they are growing into young adults. One of her favorite things to do is to read books!  She also loves crafting and doing DYI projects. Mrs. Durham enjoys volunteering and helping as much as she can with her children’s school events.  

As a teacher herself, Mrs. Durham values that the educational experience here at Ellison can be geared towards the individual child. The educational components allow children to learn at their own pace and they are not pushed to levels that are developed by standardized testing.

Mrs. Durham decided to be a member of the Ellison Board of Trustees because she wanted to see if her experiences could help make a positive difference in her children’s school.  She also wanted be a spoken voice for the school that her children attend.


Mr. Fernandez became an Ellison Trustee in 2019. He first made his way to Vineland after meeting his - then girlfriend - now wife – Magdalena, in 2007 and falling forever in love.  Misael and Magdalena got engaged, married, and had their first fur baby (Sandy, an apricot miniature poodle).  In 2008 they purchased a home in Vineland.  By 2011 The Fernandez’s adopted 2 more fur babies and were blessed with their daughter Genysis, who has attended Ellison since 2016 and is currently in the 3rd grade. 


Mr. Fernandez enjoys spending every moment possible with his family.  He has a passion for Photography and is owner of Misael Fernandez Jr. L.L.C. Photographer. He also has a background in I.T. and owns Vinelandpc.com L.L.C. - A Web Hosting Company.  Mr. Fernandez chairs the Ellison School Technology Committee. Mr. Fernandez also works as Lead CSA with TransformCo L.L.C.


Mr. Fernandez feels that The Ellison School has a proven track record of providing an environment for all students to excel. He wants to contribute however he can in maintaining that track record and working with our amazing Board of Trustees in keeping the values and traditions of The Ellison School for future generations to experience.  Mr. Fernandez values the staff of The Ellison School the most.  He feels that each person on this team plays a valuable role in keeping our children safe and well educated. He values the true dedication exhibited by each member of the Ellison Family - from the Board of Trustees to The Head of School, The Teachers, Administrative Assistant, EPTO, Volunteers, and Maintenance Staff.  Everyone collectively doing their part is what makes The Ellison School a most wonderful place for our children to grow.


Ms. Fina has a daughter, Julianna in Kindergarten, and a son, Aidan in 7th grade.


The Fina-Bottino's have been part of the Ellison family since 2010.



Tiffany Leone-Vespa, Psy.D, LPC has served as a School Board Trustee since 2018. She serves as Chair on the Strategic Planning Committee and Vice President on the EPTO.


Dr. Leone-Vespa ran for the Board because of her passion for educational excellence and her commitment to the Ellison School.  As a school board member with a clinical background, Dr. Leone-Vespa is committed to focusing on what is best for all students. “The decisions made by the Board directly impact my family and I am happy to be a part of the decisions that are involved in that impact, as well as share my vision and passion”.

Dr. Leone-Vespa earned her Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Immaculata University and her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University. She currently works as a licensed psychotherapist and is in the process of opening her private practice. Her work includes psychotherapy services with children through adults, as well as assessments and evaluations, including school threat assessments and fit for duty evaluations.

Dr. Leone-Vespa has been a Vineland resident for 11 years. She has two children who attend The Ellison School, a son in third grade and a daughter in second grade. The Leone-Vespa’s have been part of the Ellison family since 2015.


Mr. Townsend has a daughter, Racheal, in 1st grade and a daughter, Renea, in PreK-4. 


The Townsends have been part of the Ellison family since 2015.


Mrs. Troyano has a son, Robert, in the 6th grade.  She has two children who have already graduated from Ellison;  Jonathon who is in the 9th grade at Somers Point Charter and  Jenna, who is in the 12th grade at Our Lady of Mercy Academy.


The Troyano's have been part of the Ellison family since 2006.

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