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Welcome to the Ellison School

My official first day here at Ellison was August 22, 2018 .  I was fortunate enough to be able to bring along my assistant, Mrs. Vickie Niessner, from my previous position.  This already-in-place partnership allowed us to hit the ground running.


I cannot express to you my enthusiasm for my role as Ellison Head of School.  I am thankful to have the support of the Board of Trustees who have given me the mission of reviewing Ellison programming, then building upon our already exemplary education to make it even better.  Curriculum, classroom instructional practice, and staff leadership have always been my specialties and my passion and I am thoroughly enjoying collaborating with our professional staff keeping our offerings up-to-date - and exceeding - expectations.

My goal as Head of School is to ensure that The Ellison School maintains its intimate and personalized culture and educational philosophy while introducing and advancing practices which will better meet individual student needs and interests.  As I’m sure you already know, increasing enrollment needs to be a focus for Ellison.  I have shared with the Trustees that my vision includes each of our classrooms full with students – not exceeding our optimum class size – and a waiting list of parents and students eager to get into Ellison.  Successfully meeting this goal will not only strengthen our financial health and ensure our future as the premier option for students educational choice in our area, it will also improve the opportunity for socialization for students at all grade levels as well as increase enrichment opportunities requiring larger numbers of students to facilitate.  I am here to tell you that this can be done! And I am here to listen to your ideas and needs so that they do not get lost and I can incorporate them into conversations and plans as we move into the future.  I pride myself on my communication skills and I pledge to keep you informed as decisions are made and initiatives begun.


My door is always open – just like my mind – and although I am aware it may sound cliché, I really do love talking with parents, teachers, and students about parenting, education, teaching, school, and visions for the future. Such conversations are always welcome.

All the Best,

Leslie M. Walker

The Ellison School

Head of School

T H E    E L L I S O N    S C H O O L

1017 South Spring Road

Vineland, New Jersey 08361




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