L A P S    F O R    L E A R N I N G

Laps for Learning - Friday, October 25th, 2019    


       Ellison’s 5th annual Laps for Learning will take place place on Friday, Ocotober 25th. The walk/jog-a-thon, involves students walking and/or jogging around the school as many times as they are able to in 45 minutes. Laps for Learning is not a competitive or timed event. Students of all abilities are cheered on by parents, teachers and administration. 


      The success of Laps for Learning is based on students bringing in names of people who are potential sponsors for the jog-a-thon. It is all done by filling in a label sheet of names. For every 20 names that a student brings in, our school should easily exceed our goal.  Potential sponsors may be family members, relatives, close friends, and neighbors. Special emphasis should be placed on out-of-state relatives and friends. Also, the people you do business with are a great source of names.


   There are incentives and prizes to help promote the success of Laps for Learning. However, unlike most fundraisers, the prizes are low cost, yet they are great motivators (i.e., fun-snack items, homework passes, dress down day, Ice cream parties…)

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