S P E C I A L    E D U C A T I O N   &   S P E E C H   T H E R A P Y

Special Services

Students with existing disabilities are welcome at The Ellison School as long as we are able to provide appropriate services for their needs.  The Ellison School will honor Individual Service Plans identifying special services needs that are within our ability.

If a student has an existing Individual Education or Service Plan, parents should disclose this information at time of application so it can be determined if Ellison has the resource to support the student’s needs. 

If during the school year, teachers and administration determine that a child is indicating a possible disability, the family will be notified.  With the parent’s permission, Catapult Learning will be requested to conduct assessments to help identify the problems and, if eligible and serviceable within Ellison’s abilities, an Individual Service Plan will be implemented and supports put into place.

If the family does not agree to Catapult Learning assessments, and the student continues to display difficulties which the school is not capable of addressing with existing resources, the administration may have to terminate the child’s enrollment.

If it is determined that a child with an existing ISP can no longer be adequately served by the supports at The Ellison School, the administration may have to terminate the child’s enrollment.  Every effort will be made to help the family find the correct placement for their child.

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