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  Activities and Clubs

An Ellison education spans beyond the walls of a traditional classroom to expose students to cultural, athletic, and arts experiences.  We introduce new after-school clubs several times a year and offer a variety of seminars that place a focus on core teaching principles at Ellison like the arts, science, and critical thinking skills. 


Nature Club 

While enjoying nature walks on the Ellison Campus, students  gather natural materials to be used to create various craft projects. This club merges art and environmental science and is always a big hit!  Students also planted Mums in our Only One You Rock Garden. 

Eligible grades: P3, P4 and Kindergarten students

Advisor: Ms. Fran Scavelli and Mr. Chris Laferty

Learn how to design and build machines, houses,
pyramids, bridges, catapults, buidings and other
constructions. Explore concepts in physics, mechanical
and structural engineering and architecture while playing
with your favorite creations. Children will be given
instruction, design challenges and competitions
appropriate to their ability.
Eligible grades 2nd- 8th grade students
Advisors: Mrs. Anderson-Runkle


We run action-packed holiday clubs throughout the school year. During these clubs we put on a range of different activities, including music and movement, arts and crafts and much more! 

Eligible grades: T-8th


Our sports clubs are offered throughout the year. Our clubs promote important social skills such as good citizenship, positive peer relations and respect for authority through learning to interact with their peers.Through engagement in sport, our students learn leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, self-discipline, and a sense of initiative.

Advisor: Mr. Mayhew

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