W H A T   I S   A N   E L L I S O N   S C H O O L   E D U C A T I O N   W O R T H ?

 High Schools recognize the value of an Ellison School education.  Our graduates often credit much of their success, in high school, college and in life after college, to the experiences they had and the foundation they received at The Ellison School,

Parents seek an education for their children that expands the boundaries of their knowledge and experience.  One that adequately prepares them for high school and beyond, and helps them to become the persons that they hope to be.  At the end of The Ellison School journey, students leave for an expanding world (and the secondary school of their choice) as responsible, innovative thinkers and doers.

The early school years are perhaps the most crucial years in the growth and formation of our children.  In this context, the worth of an Ellison School education is intangible and ultimately immeasurable.

T H E    E L L I S O N    S C H O O L

1017 South Spring Road

Vineland, New Jersey 08361




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