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Lia & Jason Merighi

Our daughter has started PK-4 this year with Mr. Chris. He is an amazing teacher and we are falling in love with the entire school. We see happy kids in the hallway, and the teachers genuinely care about the kids and are superb educators. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this school to anyone. Smaller class sizes, individualized attention, a Head of School who obviously loves the school and is dedicated to it, fantastic and knowledgeable teachers- this school has it all!!!

Ellison Parent

I have three children in Ellison. I can't believe how good the education is. Comparably good schools usually cost twice as much. My children feel like they belong in a family. Every day they are excited to go to class. They are far ahead of their peers in public school or catholic school. My 7 yr old is reading at the 6th grade level, and my 11 yr old is reading highschool level and doing algebra! The new kids who join Ellison seem to be accepted easily into their peer group and to get up to speed academically rather rapidly. I do not know what some of the negative comments are all about. They seem very bizarre and not in touch with reality. I mean security? Anyone who visits the school just once will understand how good their security is

Krystal Long

We are impressed with your varying teaching techniques. This really does allow you to cater to all learning styles ensuring our sons’ overall success.  We are very grateful to have a headmaster and teacher(s) who cares deeply about our sons’ ability to learn and grow both personally and within the classroom. Our boys have said, “Mr. Koller really cares about us.” That brings me great comfort and confirms we have made the absolute right choice for our sons. Thank you again for caring and taking the time to get to know our three amazing sons!  

Ellison Parent

The Ellison School has been an amazing experience for our children who are about to enter their third year. My oldest is entering second grade and has been reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" and is excelling academically thanks to the fantastic teachers and learning environment provided over the last two years. My youngest, who will be entering Pre-K 4, is also excelling and maturing rapidly. The staff is caring and they know all of the children by name. The school welcomes parent involvement and encourages amazing projects like a weather balloon launch to outer space. I give my absolute highest recommendation without any reservation to anyone who has a child age 2 to eighth grade. Pick Ellison, you won't regret it!"

Staci Clark

Wow!  Thank you for going above and beyond.  Everything sounds great.  Please thank your staff as well for making the necessary accommodations.  I feel very confident that the extra support will strengthen his writing skills and study skills.

Proud Parent - Tetley T

Ellison is a FANTASTIC school! The smaller classroom sizes afford students the opportunity to develop academically and socially. The Head of School, Leslie Walker, has a versatile background (specializing in middle school aged students ) with an abundance of positive energy and perspective. I highly recommend this private school education for your child(ren).

Alumni - Vladi

I think the Ellison school is a fun place to learn because of the wonderful teachers and the fun learning games we play in class. The Ellison school is also a great school because there are a lot of options of things to play with at recess such as the computers, board games, and lots more.

Great school. Caring teachers, devoted administrators and a board of trustees whose focus is to provide a nurturing environment which allows students to thrive at achieving their full potential I highly recommend the Ellison school.

I am so glad we chose Ellison.  My son is much happier, and the new environment is itself a learning experience.

John Wisniewski

Excellent school!!  

A great learning environment for kids.

Christine Fassman

We couldn't be any happier with the quality of education at Ellison.  It’s a family atmosphere, excellent teachers, and a talented head of school leading the way! What more can you ask for?

Miseal Fernandez

Amazing teachers who care about each child in a small classroom environment. Love this school and highly recommend it.

Rosaleen Cahvez Maury

Excellent school!!  My granddaughter comes home every day so happy.  She is learning so much and she only two years old. She counted from 1 to 10 she knows her shape and colors.  I love the teacher and the staff!!

Melanie Voge

The small class rooms make for a great education and personal experience. VIP day was so much fun. Marco loves his classroom and Mr. Chris. Marco gave me a detailed tour and the concert was awesome! Marco is a happy little boy!

Ellison Parent

The classes are so small that the teachers can easily pinpoint what a student needs to work on, all in a safe environment, Each class is like a family and they are often sad when they leave

Proud Parent

The Ellison School is a wonderful place for learning. My children feel at home and enjoy every minute. The arts program is great, and my children excel academically.

Proud Parent

The Ellison School is a wonderful place for learning. My children feel at home and enjoy every minute. The arts program is great, and my children excel academically.

Alumni - Teya

It is a wonderful place. The School teaches Algebra 1, and advance Spanish. It is a really good

With 16 security cameras and a swipe card entrance, security is amazing. The new facility is technologically advanced and gorgeous. The teachers and students love it. Ellison is better than ever and an excellent choice for any child in Pre-K - 8th grade.

Proud Parent

My children excel at this school. You enter as friends and leave as family. Wonderful atmosphere and great place to learn.

Sandra Acevedo

Elizabeth Trinidad

Ellison Parent

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